Wild Or Tame? Solo Exhibition

A poster featuring coloourful paintings of a fox,a budgie and a toucan and details of an exhibition by Mandy Renton in Ipswich, Suffolk May 2023

My solo art exhibition, ‘Wild or Tame?’, opens in May, featuring paintings of pet birds, parrots and also wildlife. Just how wild is our wildlife? Would you prefer to see birds in the wild or do you like to see them up close in wildlife parks and aviaries? As a bird owner and animal lover these are the question I sometimes find hard to answer..

The venue is The Frame Frame Workshop, in St Nicholas Street, Ipswich,the heart of the town’s best independent shops and restaurants know as ‘The Saints’.

I will be there on the following dates and times to answer any questions you may have about the artworks and the inspiration behind them.

Saturday 13th May 12-4

Friday 19th May 10-2

Saturday 27th May 10-3

If the gallery looks unattended at other times, it’s not! Just go in and Robin will come out from his framing workshop to greet you.

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