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Mandy Renton - Budgie and Parrot Artist

My artwork portrays pet birds, parrots and tropical birds in colour and detail.

I create art for people who love and understand birds and wildlife,  and most especially those who have birds as members of their family.

Join me on my artistic journey as I explore our relationships with birds; in captivity; in the wild and in popular culture, with occasional reference to some favourite artists.
UK wildlife and garden birds also emerge from my garden studio in Ipswich.

I am passionate about encouraging a greater admiration for the intelligence and charm of budgerigars alongside their larger feathered relations. Capturing character and essence is fundamental to my work.

It also amuses me to imagine how famous artists might have portrayed budgies through their art. Van Gogh, Caravaggio, Duchamp. de Lempicka and Warhol have all been re-imagined, with budgies. More homages will follow!


 parrot artist Budgerigardener

My first parrot memory is of a childhood visit to Birdland in Gloucestershire where I was fascinated by the big smiley beak and vibrant blues and purples of a friendly hyacinth macaw.

Many years later I am delighted to have made psittacine and human friends at Tropical Birdland in Leicestershire, where the birds are a huge source of inspiration, and help me to market my artwork.

Latest news and events

'Birds In Focus' - Art Exhibition

Read all it this new bird art exhibition in my latest BLOG post.

142 Gallery, Felixstowe

Aug 3rd - 9th 2023



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I enjoy creating products from my original artwork and seeing my birds fly off all over the world. Greeting cards are miniature works of art in my eyes, and my quality homewares – vegan suede cushions and high gloss wraparound mugs - appeal to lovers of colourful décor..