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Small Kakariki oil painting. Shop here   
a framed painting of a white budgie with grey markings resting with its head behind its wing
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Bird Art by Mandy Renton.

Paintings of budgies, parrots and pet birds. Bird and animal art.

I create budgie paintings and parrot art for people who love and understand birds,  and especially for anyone for whom birds are a member of the family.  I hope to provide something special to budgie owners and parrot parents who cannot always find their pet birds portrayed in art as they see them. Capturing character and essence is fundamental to my work.

Budgies are the world's most popular pet birds - and mine too! I am passionate about promoting an admiration for their charm and intelligence. My art is inspired by a passion for all pet birds and parrots,  and a care and concern for the challenges facing wild birds and birds in captivity.

UK birds and wildlife also emerge from my Suffolk studio. Guinea pigs are a new favourite subject and I have no shortage of models as my mum has a passion for piggies.

Perch a while and get to know my flock!

My first parrot memory is of a childhood visit to Birdland in Gloucestershire where I was fascinated by the big smiley beak and vibrant blues and purples of a friendly hyacinth macaw.

a large purple parrot with a smiling black and yellow beak perches on a person's arm at a bird park

Many years later I am delighted to have made parrot and human friends at Tropical Birdland in Leicestershire, where the birds are a huge source of inspiration (and the cockatoos give shout outs for my art!)

a moluccan cockatoo squawks with excitement to see a greeting card featuiring with two cockatoos just like him


June 9th 2024   Think Parrots Show, Kempton Park

It's back after 5 years! I can't wait to catch up with everybirdy again at this fabulous event. Freeflying parrot displays, masterclass talks by top avian experts and loads of stalls selling everything for the parrot and pet bird owner. I'll be there with my art and gifts. Get your tickets now!


Budgie news

March 21st is World Budgie Day!

Read all about World Budgie Day here

How will you celebrate?



Events in 2024

Sun June 9th   Think Parrots Show, Kempton Park Racecourse TW16 5AQ

Past Events:

May 15 - 21 'Preen' , The Craft House, Woodbridge



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